Horror House Warsaw

What is the Horror House?

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Do you like to be scared? Do you like, from time to time, feel the real thrill of emotion; feel the fear, cold sweat occurring on the temple? Do you want to learn how it is when you open the door behind which might danger lurks? Open the door behind which,…with all certainty danger lurks?

You think you are a person with steal nerves, the person who does not easily give in to the lurking behind the corner mirages of fear? Hola, hola! Have you ever tested your steal nerves in real house of horror? Now you have a chance! Horror House, escape room located in the very heart of Warsaw is a place which brings the answer to all questions. Invite your friends and come together for the meeting with horror. Will you risk and open the door to horror house?

Scary place on 52 Nowy Świat Street in Warsaw

Is the Horror House an escape room?

In very small part, yes – at our place there are elements which also occur in escape room, but they are a lot simpler and easier in solution. In escape room, it is needed to solve puzzles and combine facts together. At our place it suffices to find something, e.g. a key. In escape room it is a lot harder but considering that in our house of horror emotions toss you and you cannot think rationally, it is enough to look into somewhere without coming up with codes and resolving hard to guess puzzles.

Do you like to be scare?

Do you like from time to time feel the real thrill of emotion, feel the fear? Do you want to learn how it is when you enter the house of horror in which may danger lurk?

Visiting the Horror House in Warsaw, you choose uncertainty, fear, thrill, desire to escape… like in a real horror. You think that you indeed can escape? What you can do and how much sacrifice to get out. Do you want to find out? Opening the door of Horror House with the elements of escape room, in all certainty, you learn your weak sides. Horror House is a place in which you become a hero of horror movie and if you survive, we guearantee hours of talks about that who what did and how solved the puzzle, how behaved, how screamed… You want to live it up on your own skin? Nothing easier, horror is waiting for You in Warsaw. In the same capital centre there is a building and inside horror – horror house with the elements of escape room. Will you dare or it is over your strengths?

Interactive museum of horror Warsaw

You would like for short moment step into uncertainty? Feel the kind of fear which you know only from the cinema screens? You would like to look into the horror house or rather a house of horrors? Many horrors…? You must, however, remember that fear has its price, the price is very high: your nerves in total dispersion… Are you ready?

Scary places in Warsaw

Scary place at Dunaj Street in Warsaw

Are you afraid of darkness? And maybe something different takes your dream off your eyelids [keep you awake]? Do you like to get into fights with your fears? Are not you afraid of the adventure that you know, for example, from the horror movies? You nerves of steel you will test in the horror house in Warsaw.

Scary place at Nowy Świat Street in Warsaw

What are you afraid of the most when light switch off? And maybe it seems for you that you so easily give in to fears? Do you remain unmovable when darkness in your house and disturbing knocking at door resounds? We are waiting for you at Nowy Świat Street in Warsaw!

In house of horror test yourself

If you are not afraid of risk and lurking monsters behind the door, it is worth stepping into uncertain space of the horror house and let yourself be taken by adventure. The comfort may be the fact that with monsters you do not need to face alone. Ask friends, may they be scared!

Prove yourself and others that you scare nothing. Visit the horror house in the centre of Warsaw and do not let see anyone by yourself that you feel the breath of horror on your neck. Invite friends and experience together the scary adventure. Will you dare? We are waiting for you!